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KT³ YMS Software

The KT³ YMS Software is a 3 Dimensional application which covers Infrastructure, Supply Chain Logistics, and The Global Internet. KT³ can be tailored to meet your needs and has been developed to be a global cutting edge Internet enabled yard management application. To learn more about KT³ Follow This Link.

Virtual Yard Management, Inc.
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Virtual Yard Management, Inc. offers many different services to help make your supply chain more efficient and reliable than ever saving your corporation from wasting valuable man power hours and money. To learn more about the services we offer visit our Services Homepage.

About Us

The long-term knowledge and experience of the company founder, gained from more than 20 years of working within the management intensive U.S. Automotive industry, has been augmented by the addition of highly qualified executive and management personnel who have all been selected from within the supply chain logistics sector. Find out more about our business by Clicking Here.

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You can contact Virtual Yard Management, Inc. Via phone, mail, or email. For contact information please visit the Contact Us Page.


Our company offers it's clients a large array of support options including on site, online, and telephone support. To find out more about our support options please visit our Support Page.
Virtual Yard Management, Inc. is a national service provider which specializes in innovative Yard Management products and services. With over 25 years of experience in the logistics industry Virtual Yard Management, Inc. and it's parent company K&T Switching, Inc. provides comprehensive yard management solutions to industries where over the road, trailer, ocean, and intermodal container utilization is the vital link in supply chain logistics.

Virtual Yard Management, Inc. is an innovative pioneer in the transportation-logistics business whose products and services drive significant productivity gains in the often overlooked application of Yard Management. The KT³ YMS Logistics Software System is a 3 Dimensional application which covers Infrastructure, Supply Chain Logistics, and the Global Internet. Working VERTICALLY within a company's infrastructure to implement and maintain operational efficiencies, as well as HORIZONTALLY with outside suppliers, carriers and third party to provide the often overlooked link in supply chain logistics. The 3rd DIMENSION incorporates web based Internet access - offering unlimited potential for streamlining container movements to further applications involving returnable container programs and system-to-system auditing, KT³ Yard Management Systems serve as a live yard-data pipeline.

Thank you for visiting If you have any question regarding any of the services we offer please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives either via email at the following address, or by telephone at 440-949-1910.

Complete yard management solution in supply chain logistics for automotive and grocery